Modular Exhibition Stands

Easy to transport, assemble and personalise – our modular exhibition stands are wrapped in stretch fabrics with your branding and choice of imagery applied.

You can also personalise your stand with:

Specialist lighting
Backlit wall panels
Custom-made furniture

Need a few tweaks before your next event? No problem. We’ll modify the layout of your stand or update the graphics for a fresh new look.

Custom Exhibition Stands

To create a truly unique brand experience, custom-built exhibition stands offer the most flexibility. Give us a theme, style or concept, then let us bring your idea to life.

With years of experience in stand design, you can be confident we’ll deliver outstanding results. We plan your bespoke stand in meticulous detail, always considering:

Audience line of sight
Location in venue
Visitor flow
Visitor experience – catering, tech, AV, VR, AR

Commission your bespoke exhibition stand and enjoy complete freedom of expression. We combine materials, shapes, lighting and interactive elements to satisfy your precise requirements.


Event Partner

If you’re an event owner, we’d love to help you take things to the next level.

Our partnership approach lets us share our industry knowledge with you. You receive tailored, strategic advice across all areas, including:

Revenue generation
Exhibitor packages
Event security
Event branding
Exhibitor management

Let’s work together to elevate your event.

Event Management

With a limited staff and endless to-do lists, most marketing teams lack the resources to plan a successful event. Thankfully, we take it all in our stride.

Whether you’re launching an armoured vehicle or leading a game of golf, Leading Edge Design plan and manage your one-off event meticulously.

We handle:

Venue sourcing
Marquee hire
AV (audiovisual)
Event staffing
Event promotion and more

Talk to us for support with one-off event management.



A brand experience does more than draw a crowd – it permeates your every audience interaction. Without a robust strategy, nothing hangs together.

From attendee lists through to data capture and follow-up (and everything in between), we take a strategic approach. We start with what you want to achieve and then work backwards.

Our team plan every aspect of your experience thoroughly. Large or small, we consider every detail in light of your end goals.


Put away your Powerpoint slides – here’s a recipe for brand engagement that’ll kick your event game up a gear:

Begin with a carefully crafted invite.

Enrich your event with:
Social and Interactive content

Stir in the latest tech:
Cutting-edge lighting

Infuse with fresh coffee for a stimulating experience!

Whatever sector you’re in, we’re bursting with creative ideas and ways to bring your event experience to life.

Call us to discuss your recipe for event success.


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