Modular Exhibition Stands

Modular Exhibition Stands Made Simple


A design approach that subdivides an exhibition stand into smaller parts called modules, that can be independently used in a variety of applications and layouts.

LED Light Boxes
We supply and hire a vast range of fabric light box frames which can be integrated into custom or modular exhibition stands design.

Whatever your requirement or application, these products lend themselves to all sizes of project.

Light boxes can be freestanding single or doubled-sided units. They can be purchased or hired and lend themselves to all types of event branding, particularly in foyers and event spaces.

LED technology, married with a well engineered, tension fabric frame, results in a graphic that has no shadowing and provides an even and consistency of illumination
throughout the unit.

We only use the very best in tensile fabrics and gel edging which allow for a small amount of stretch to achieve a drum-tight finish.

Fabric Systems and Hanging Banners
We love using our tension fabric systems which are increasing in popularity due to the ease of creating large surfaces of seamless graphics with minimal structure. A tension fabric system can be constructed swiftly and inexpensively without compromising the delivery or impact of your brand message. The structure transports and stores really easily too; for example a 4m x 3m fabric graphic can be folded into an A3 size box and stored safely for your next exhibition!

Fabric systems are perfect for covering large open spaces and to support more complex areas on modular display stands.

Fabric systems are easily integrated with light box units and custom made elements.

Modular systems can be owned or hired, creating a variety of fabric-covered, wall structure and complimentary hanging banners.


modular exhibition stands

Modular Exhibition Stands

As well as being ECO friendly, modular display stands provide the opportunity to create an endless range of stand shapes and sizes.

Creating super-sized modular stands using modular components provides versatility to create multiple smaller modular stands for exhibitions very cost effectively. Your stand style remains consistent at all your events. As an added bonus; running cables, shipping and installing are done with ease.

Modular stands are a great solution for clients looking at their long-term strategy where flexibility and value for money are key requirements.

A modular approach brings quality, creativity and speed of delivery to any event.

Whether you choose to use our range of aluminium structures or our ‘off-the-shelf’ EXPAND display system, we provide the very best in reusable and sustainable exhibition products.



Consistent Branding

We deliver consistency of your brand experience across multiple display systems and floor spaces