Working in the UAE

From Eastbourne to the Middle East

Since inception in 1990 the team at Leading Edge Design have had the opportunity to work extensively throughout the United Arab Emirates.

Working with international clients like General Dynamics we have experience of working in a large number of the emirates.

Our experience includes producing and building stands in Libya, Saudi Arabia, Brunei, Sharjah, Oman, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Qatar to name just a few.

Working in the Middle East presents challenges and opportunities alike, much like anywhere on the planet.  The working environment of the exhibition halls, particularly in places like Abu Dhabi and Dubai, has changed dramatically in recent years.  Health and safety good practice is now highly regarded and skilled labour is also readily available.

Some of the largest events our team have worked on have taken place in the UAE.  These have included International congress events, large exhibitions, numerous awards ceremonies and presentations.

We have had the pleasure of working with members of the region’s Royal Families and associated dignitaries.  We have also worked with many of the world’s Royal Families and governments who have had involvement in many events in the region.

Are you considering taking your brand to the UAE?  If so, then get in touch and benefit from our expertise and experience of working in this part of the world.