Scout RV Tank Launch for GD

Scout RV Tank Launch…

During the summer General Dynamics called the team and announced the launch of the Scout SV Tank during the upcoming NATO summit in South Wales.

The brief involved an empty car park, an audience of 400, catering, the need therefore for a temporary venue, full production of stage, sound, lighting and video, live cameras, crew and content production. And all this with only a few weeks to go. So, our team set to work.

The solution was a large frame structure serviced by 2 large generators that could cope with the electrical demands of our AV team and our caterers.

A detailed site visit identified the challenges of the space and how we could best fulfil the clients brief.

The tank itself weighs in at over 30 tonnes so it had to be installed on the concrete and the venue built around it! It was also an incredibly valuable piece of military equipment requiring 24/7 armed security.

The tank was located with great precision, the venue built, the floor laid, the power installed, the utilities installed and the carpet laid. We then set to work on the interior. A stage area was designed and built that featured a custom built top table, contemporary podiums for presenters, a large LED flat screen, digital LED lighting, sound and signage and graphics.

Our crew were onsite for around 2 weeks. The presentation itself featured a visit by the Prime Minister, David Cameron MP, the Secretary of State and the head of Military for the UK armed Forces.

The commissioning of the tank went without a hitch. The staff of GD were treated to a great event, the press some great soundbites and the tank itself to some fantastic international exposure on TV, radio and online.

We proved once again, that event the greatest of challenges can be overcome. With a lead time of only a few weeks our team were able to produce an event that would usually take months of planning. Let us help you with your next project.