General Dynamics

General Dynamics

Leading Edge first started working with General Dynamics UK in 2010, assisting with a small but important project in Libya. GD had used a local Libyan company the previous year which resulted in a bad experience of poor communication and an even poorer stand design and execution.

Keen to improve their presence at the Libyan Air and Ground Defence shows GD gave LED the opportunity to assist on improving their presence at the shows. 2010’s involvement was purely in stand design and managing the same local builder to deliver the stand. With an immediate positive result, GD UK began working far more closely with LED resulting in us designing and producing all of GD’s international events.

Shows in Brunei, Jordan, India, Saudi Arabia and Libya soon became regular parts of the world to visit and a special modular stand to service all and every requirement was created. It wasn’t long before LED were contracted to create GD’s local UK events such as the amazing DVD outdoor event where GD’s products are put to the test as well as Big Bang where engineering students get a chance to compete in games on the stand, therefore encouraging the best students to enrol with GD’s engineering programme once they leave University.

The largest and most elusive exhibition project to LED in the GD event calendar was at DSEi with a 500 square meter custom built stand packed with the very latest technology. LED won the opportunity to design and build this prestigious stand in 2013  followed by a unique one-off launch event in 2014 where we created a huge outdoor structure to house VIP’s, 500 staff and a very special tank.

This all started with a call to a great chap called John back in 2008 who we thank very dearly for the opportunity he provided LED. Thank you John!


The Brief
LED consulted with GD in order to create a very specific modular stand that would fulfil each and every show,  site size, product and brand message.  With easy change graphics and quick to build with minimal crew. Also to be lightweight and easy to ship anywhere in the world with a high-end look and feel to match their products and position within the defence industry.

Our Solution
In our mind there was only one way to approach GD’s testing brief which was to use the BeMatrix system which we’d been successfully incorporating into projects since 2008. It answered the brief however it would require an additional creative edge. We specialize in tuning and adapting proven high-quality systems and bespoke elements together resulting in the best modular/bespoke stands money can buy. We believe it’s important to be different and this ethos is employed with all our client requirements.

The scale of this project utilised all our in-house skills resulting in the best international stand GD had ever had. A perfect combination of creativity, budget befitting and slick delivery allowing GD to attend more shows than normal as they’re ability to make multiple smaller stands from one large kit meant they could be in two places of the world at once.

A vast majority of the exhibitions showcase the very latest products and to host meetings on the stand or within the venue via hosted lunches. All potential, new and existing clients interested in key products being displayed are invited to the relevant events where they are informed, updated and entertained in order to get new deals in place.

Certain events are targeted to encourage upcoming engineers to consider a career path with GD.

Outdoor events allow buyers with a hands-on experience with key products such as the Jackal, an all-purpose 4×4 vehicle.

Targeted product launches mean GD can bring VIP’s, Press and staff altogether to celebrate key milestones in specific projects that have been given the green light such as the all important AJAX tank, currently in its final stages of development for the British Government.

GD’s brand and products are strengthened in the eyes of all visitors to their events.  The events are measured by reviewing the local interest allowing GD to try out new territories or to pull out of others.  Investing into the right events at the right time with the right products specific to the region that requires them means key accounts have grown whilst using the stand. Best in show accolades have been awarded during the first year of the stands launch.