Custom Design and Build

Custom Design and Build


“An adjective for a unique approach to a particular specification. The solution may be altered or tailored to the customer’s exact requirements, application and brief”

The heart and soul of our business is in creating unique solutions for our very discerning clients. Only the best ideas to befit the brand will do.

No matter the size of your project, a bespoke solution will always deliver the best impact.

You want to attract people to your stand and keep them there for as long as possible. We understand this key concept and specialise in techniques to achieve it. Whether it be the use of lighting, AV, space planning, footfall flow, graphics and design.

Your exhibition space needs to serve multiple purposes; to attract visitors, to promote your message, to showcase your product and deliver your objective.

After consulting and agreeing your objectives we will work in tandem with you on the design and finish of your stand. Using a combination of unique materials, specialist furniture, interactive features, eye catching overhead banners and dynamic colours your brand will ‘stand out’!

From Small Booths to Huge Spaces

Create an impression and stand out from the rest!