Standard Life

Initially, Standard Life Investments commissioned Leading Edge to design and create a 4m X 3m custom modular stand for the Fund Forum International Conference in Monaco. Following a series of successful exhibitions, Standard Life increased their stand size to 18 square meters to maximise their presence at other international exhibitions.

A second design was then commissioned for an adaptable, smaller modular stand to be used at a variety of conference/hotel type venues. This needed to be quick to install yet retain a high quality brand experience.

The production of the smaller stand, which can be sized from 1m x 1m up to 4m x 3m enabled Standard Life to attend numerous one-day conferences annually.

The simplicity and adaptability of the modular stand proves a cost-effective way of installing and de-rigging in a day, enabling Standard Life to maintain their presence as market leaders in their field whether the event is large or small.